The Relationship between Social Media and Television Shows

Chasing Life

With the way communications and platforms available for advertising marketing and promotions expand, the way fans can comment or follow a television show do as well. The mediums in which the television show can market itself to you changes as well. In the past the only medium for watching and seeing advertisements for your show or a new show was to watch television itself. These practices are still being used, I still see commercials for new shows I want to watch while viewing the ones I already like, but finding out about that show or shows like it has become a lot easier though mass media platforms. For example one of my favorite television shows Chasing Life if you Google the title, something that could not be done in the past, you can watch previous episodes. The first link that pops up in the search is to to watch previous episodes and clips of new episodes to come. The next link is to which gives access to ratings and detailed descriptions of what the show is about along with the cast and crew. These are just the resources you can attain from the show from a quick search if you go to websites like Facebook and Twitter you can easily find their fan page. On Facebook you can leave feedback and watch more in depth videos about where the style for the characters came from. While on Twitter you can react with the show while it is playing live and leave feedback as well. It also provides you with links to the music that was played on the episodes so that you can download it. This is the normal for any popular television show you might watch. It is a great way to keep the viewers actively involved in the show and a great way to advertise and promote not only the show but the things you see and hear in the show as well. I think that this is a great way to communicate with fans and there is nothing to really be improved on.


Radio, will it last?


Radio may not be as popular today as it was in the past. Instead of tuning in to listen to a presidential speech all we have to do is press the power button on a remote. Even though radio is not as popular as it used to be it should still stay in existence for a very long time. It will always be a fail-safe during a bad storm, because cell phone towers can go out and television power can go out but a battery operated radio will always be there to let you know if the storm is getting worse or if it’s safe to resume normal household positions. It’s still the primary source of entertainment when driving your car and I don’t see that changing in the future either. Like Dr Thompson pointed out in “Radio Today and Tomorrow”, radio has survived with three main genres, music, news and sports. Radio is a crutch to the success of the music industry, which cannot just rely on YouTube to get their music out there since lots of people don’t have the internet.  News includes things such as the weather.  Sports radio to me only seems viable to listen to when one is not near a television. In the past the radio was the culture it’s where we got our news, tuned into politics and the president, and received our entertainment. It affects our culture less today and its affects will probably still decline in the future due to advancing technology but I have a feeling it will stick around for a long time still. One of the biggest ways that radio has affected our culture  is through genre advancement over time. The radio started out with soap operas and speeches, now it’s the every changing music genera’s, local news, and advertisements. 


Mass Communication Consumption

Mass Communication Consumption

My mass communication experience started when I was younger with Myspace. When Myspace became unpopular due to the rising fame of Facebook I made the switch over and have been utilizing it’s resources ever since 2006. I check my Facebook daily primarily when bored as a source of entertainment. Instagram is the application that I use second most and I use it to edit my photos for Facebook. In the past I have used Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Klout. I can handle several hours without using or even thinking about these applications but I find it bothersome that our face to face communication is decreasing because of mass communications ease of access. Texting while driving has become an issue, as well as when you go out with friends and you hardly do any talking because you are to lost in your phone.

The major things I want to focus on this course is how to utilize mass communication in a more important and effective matter. To possibly prevent the severity of school shootings, or flu outbreaks. To create awareness on important matters rather than just using it as a form of entertainment. I would also like to further my knowledge of how communication works and the different ways it can be used.